About Me

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Kareem Mrghani

My life is all about tiny challenges that form a big challenge; designing your identity—with the best I can, for it to reach the purity of a pearl at the bottom of an ocean or even the solidity of a diamond piece somewhere in the lap of a mountain.

I get my strength from challenges, hence, I am a Mixed Marital Artist Fighter , I also love traveling, fishing and all arts—all of these form relativity with my belief toward both confrontation and surrender—that’s why my favorite quote says,

“do not convince who lay not within stars.”

Falcon is my identity, I appreciate and respect it as I learned the addiction of my attention-to-detail from it, through which I perfected my work—and my name began circulating within stars in the Arab world.

It was an honor and privilege for me to work with WWE, Saudi League, King’s Cup, Supercoppa Italiana, Al-janadriyah festival,General Entertainment Authority, In addition to Dubai TV, Al Nada Channel, MBC Group, Saudi TV, General Entertainment Authority and Qasim Municipality. I also designed the complete identity for several festivals all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia—and I was also responsible for the design department during many festivals including, Alkilija Festival, Al Ghadha Festival, People’s Heritage Festival, Summer Onaiza Festival.

and worked with Arab icons such as Asala Nasri, Ahmed Mekki among others.

I love Islamic arts and heritage very much and everything related to it—history, arts and science wise. It has been always a dream for me to live in Andalusian era. Andalusia in particular, from my point of view, is the kingdom of details.

You can summarize my character or my life in an article by “Deek AlJinn”

“I have lived my whole life full of desires, pointing my eyes out not on what I possess, but on what I do not. Beholding the uncertainty of a hunter within my heart and my eyes. Watching things happen, hearing every voice while silent. So, if you ever see me not moving as an abandoned stove, or quiet as a clock, then bury me; because the lack of lust is death.”


2012 – 2014

Graphic Designer and Responsible for editing and printing at Antar Press 


Graphic Designer for Designed for Riyadh Web Design


Graphic Designer for SEE MORE Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Graphic designer at RSC company in Qassim – Saudi Arabia


Graphic Designer at ILGO in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia


Art Director at AD in Cairo

2018 –

Art Director in Alamiya company in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia still now


  • Photoshop , Illustrator , Indesign , Calligraphy , Typography